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Moments in Time

Most mornings, I usually wake up to a small hand twirling a lock of my hair. And when I open my eyes, I’ll be greeted with a megawatt smile, “Is it morning yet, mummy?” or “wake up mum its already morning” Even now, his face still holds that softness of a little baby boy.

Being a mum is never easy. But prior to becoming a mum, at no point did I truly realize the ‘awe’ involved with the role. It is the most rewarding and yet exhausting role that I have ever taken on.

I love my baby boy to bits from the moment he was born…my first Mother’s Day was memorable for the simple fact that I don’t remember much of it. The blurred memories were probably due to those sleep-deprived days of endless feeding and diaper changes!

Time doesn’t stand still…I will look back on this period of my life with great fondness. I do not fret over the lost moments; I just enjoy the fact that I get to keep the memories as solely my own. This year, I’m expecting greater things, but I will definitely wake up with his hand in my hair.